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Manage & Reduce Your Energy Bills with Voltaware


Innovators in electricity monitoring and energy efficiency.


We’ve given energy consumers more control over their energy use, and in doing so, promote energy-efficient behaviour.


Voltaware is a Wi-Fi connected energy monitoring service.

Voltaware measures the amount of electricity being used in a home or a building. Our sensor uses machine learning and a disaggregation algorithm to understand appliance-level energy consumption.

The Voltaware sensor connects to the intuitive Voltaware app. The app shows users exactly how much electricity individual appliances are using in their home in kWh, and how much it’s costing them.

The app can also be programmed to set alerts to monitor consumption, cost and unusual activity such as surges in power draw. Alerts can be set for both general energy use and appliance level energy use.

Users can understand how much, when and where they are using energy, and make changes to their energy-use behaviour, reduce their bills and improve energy efficiency.

Why Voltaware?


    We turn kWh into cost


    Gain more control over your household appliances.


    Learn where to save money with itemised bills & tariff comparison


    Discover inefficient appliances & adjust your energy behaviour


With a real-time view of the electrical usage in your home, you’ll have improved awareness of what is going on, from unusual activity to energy-wasting behaviour. You’ll also be able to identify the sources of your energy use, including energy-hungry inefficient appliances.

If you leave an appliance on accidentally, or want to monitor using an appliance during certain hours of the day, set Voltaware alerts to help you gain that extra bit of control over your electricity usage and change your energy-use behaviour.


As you better understand your consumption, you can save energy and money on your electricity bill. The Voltaware app will show you itemised costs for each appliance and a breakdown over time of their use. You can set up a cost alert and view tariff comparisons to help you make further electricity saving decisions.


Increase your contribution towards decarbonisation with our energy monitoring solution. By optimising the way you use energy, you’ll increase your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. You can reap the benefits of reducing your bills and helping the environment at the same time!


Voltaware is compatible with standard, economy 7 and prepaid meters. For prepaid meters, you can even set alerts when your credit is running low as a reminder to top up.

Voltaware Installation

How Does Voltaware Work?

  1. Installation & App

    The Voltaware sensor is unobtrusively installed onto your fuse box.

    Our clever sensor itemises your electrical consumption appliance by appliance using our disaggregation algorithm. This means you can see how much, when and where you are consuming energy in your home giving you an all round level of understanding.

    This information is displayed to you via our user-friendly app. The app converts your kWh consumption to  pounds, allows you to set alerts, and view tariff comparisons.

  2. Collecting Data

    Once installed, our sensor will spend 10 days learning the unique electrical signatures of all the appliances in your home during what we call the ‘Machine Learning’ phase.

    It’s an important step because this will enable you to account for the kWh consumption and cost of individual appliances, not just your overall energy use.

    You can monitor your sensors Machine Learning progress in the Voltaware app on the dashboard, and you will be notified when machine learning is complete.

  3. Add Your Appliances

    Once the sensor has ‘learnt’ these signatures, you will be able to view a list of the detected appliances in your app.

    The next step:

    • Name each appliance by tapping the ‘add appliance’ button on the dashboard.
    • Use our simple step-by-step process to easily label your appliances.
    • Once you have added an appliance, you can set alerts for that appliance.

    Over time our sensor will become better at automatically naming the appliances it detects as it learns more about
    appliance signatures.

  4. Get The Full Picture

    Once you have labelled most of your appliances, you can start to see a clear picture of when and where you are consuming energy.

    App features include:

    Overall consumption and cost information in real time and over time.

    • Which of your appliances are ‘Live’.
    • Itemised cost breakdowns for individual appliances.
    • Time of use for individual appliances over different time periods.
    • Real time alerts for appliances and overall consumption.
    • Best alternative tariff comparisons - based on your energy consumption behaviour.
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